A few maintenance tips:
  • Frequent wash: Avoid car washes! Hand wash your vehicle with a non-detergent liquid soap, in the shade as much as possible. Then wipe it with a clean cloth or a shammy. In Winter, wash with warm water.
  • Regular maintenance: Immediately remove with water any trace of gasoline, antifreeze or windshield washer liquid which might have spilled by accident. Sap from trees and birds' droppings can also damage a car's finish. They can be quickly removed with mild soap and water. Snow and ice must be removed with a brush. Never use a scraper. It could easily scratch the paint.
  • Damaged paint: If you notice scratches or chipping of the paint caused by stones or other road hazards, you must immediately make the necessary paint touch-up in order to prevent any damage and avoid rust formation.
  • Waxing and polishing: For single coat finishes, you must wait at least thirty days before applying wax. Two step finishes with a clear coat need less frequent polishing, only once or twice per year. Carefully hand polishing using a mild and non-abresive cleaning wax.

For any questions concerning your vehicle's finish maintenance, do not hesitate to consult us here at Pickering Carstar. We will be pleased to advise you in these matters.

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